Eastern Region Roof Training are delighted to work with the below companies who provide our apprentices with the very best equipment and materials. Their support is greatly appreciated and we look forward to continuing to work with them closely in the future.

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‘Sievert is a world leading manufacturer specializing in high-quality heating tools for professionals. Our products represent today’s most advanced technology. Our goal is to develop, manufacture and supply innovative and high-quality tools for all types of soldering, brazing and heating applications’.

Midland Lead

‘Why choose Midland Lead? After 30+ years in business, Midland Lead is still the only UK lead manufacturer to offer machine cast lead, sand cast lead and rolled lead .’

Axter Ltdaxter

Axter designs and manufactures high quality, fully integrated, robust, innovative membranes for roofing, waterproofing basements and for civil engineering structures to suit a variety of aesthetic and performance criteria.
Complementing its waterproofing expertise, Axter manufactures a wide range of domed and continuous rooflights as well as roof ventilation, access, smoke and fire evacuation units.

Redland Ltd


Redland is a brand of the worldwide Braas Monier Building Group. Redland’s range of roofing tiles includes concrete roof tiles, slate roofing products and clay tiles. Coupled with renewable energy systems, and accessories, Redland provides solutions for most roofing specifications.

Hambleside Danelaw


Hambleside Danelaw’s rich heritage incorporates publishing and leather goods but our building products story began in 1975, when an investment opportunity presented itself in the form of a patent for an innovative glass reinforced polyester (GRP) roofing product. A year later, Hambleside Manufacturing Limited was established; it served the building industry, and business was good. After diversifying into rooflights and cladding, in 1983 we began manufacturing valley gutters for a Daventry-based new client, Danelaw Laminates Limited. Having worked closely for several years, discussions on a merger took place between the two companies, and a deal was done in 1992.


Klober was formed in 1960 and has grown to become one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of roof ventilation products and roofing accessories. We have one of the most extensive ranges of roofing products sold today. The company has been instrumental in bringing innovative products to the market, from vapour-permeable underlays and dry-fix products to the design of in-line vents, influencing working practices used in construction.

BMI Group

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As the market leader for complete pitched roof systems and with an extensive range of services, BMI Braas offers you everything to do with pitched roofs.

Cupa Slates


A high quality natural slate is an unbeatable product for any roofing or facade project. Slate is 100% natural, durable and resistant in comparison to any other artificial alternative. Clad your home the right way!Cupa Pizarras En