Eastern Region Roof Training Group have partnered with Koster Aquatecnic LTD to deliver Single Ply training from our centre in Ipswich. In addition to this, Eastern Region Roof Training Group are selling and distributing Koster Single-Ply roofing products, nationwide from our centre.

Koster Aquatecnic are an innovative company who have specialised in Waterproofing Systems for over 40 years. They have an impressive portfolio with the Olympic Hall in Beijing, the Empire State Building in New York, the airport in Munich, the Royal Palace in Copenhagen and the Nuclear Power Plant in Sofia being just some of the well-known places around the world that have been waterproofed using Koster systems and materials.

Koster is part of the world-wide initiative, Responsible Care, which promotes responsible and sustainable practices in the areas of health and environmental protection. Koster use state-of-the-art raw materials and production technologies in conjunction with a strong and continuous research and development. Today, this means that most of their materials are solvent-free, formulated to minimise the environmental impact and are recyclable. As well as this, they help protect the health of those who work with the materials.

To request Koster Single Ply Samples, or for any other queries, call 01473 744412!

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