Pitched Roofing Experienced Worker NVQ Assessment

Don’t forget that Eastern Roof Training can deliver the Pitched Roofing (Slate & Tiler) Experienced Worker NVQ Assessment.

So what exactly is the Experienced Worker NVQ Assessment? In short, its another method of assessment whereby the candidate attends our Roof Training Centre in Ipswich and carry’s out practical tasks on our Roofing Rigs rather than being assessed on site. The benefit of completing the NVQ through this method of assessment is it can be completed a lot quicker. On average it takes 1 day for candidates to complete the NVQ this way although if needed a further half day can be given to candidates.

On the day of the Experienced Worker NVQ assessment, candidates will cover the following:

  • Task 1 Felt/Batten rig to lay plain tile with dry fix ridge & verge
  • Task 2 Felt/Batten rig to lay big tile with wet fix ridge & verge
  • Task 3 Felt/batten rig to lay slates includes lead soakers

Plus a professional discussion on Health & Safety.

If you are interested completing your Slate & Tile NVQ, or would like to book your workforce on the NVQ you can do so here: https://eastern.rooftraining.co.uk/course/nvq-level-2-roof-slate-tile-1-day-assessment-blue-cscs-card/

If you would like some further information please call us on 01473 830255.