Northgate High School Students Visit Eastern Roof Training

We were delighted to host 8 students from Northgate High School on the 19th of March 2019 for a ‘discovery day’ into a career in Roofing.

This scheme, which we have now run for 5 local High Schools, is part-funded by CITB and allows us to promote a career in Roofing for students that are at the point in their education where they must now consider what the future holds for them. Each student has the chance to have a go on our practical roofing rigs including some felt & batten work and tiling and slating. The students are also delivered a short theory session, much like they would be on the Apprenticeship courses that we offer at Eastern Roof Training.

The discovery day was hugely successful, with students that had not previously considered a career in roofing telling us that they were now very keen on the prospect of starting an apprenticeship in Roofing once they leave school.

We’d like to thank Northgate High School for their co-operation and for giving their students the opportunity to spend the day with us.