Hambleside Danelaw Deliver Session to Slate & Tile Apprentices

We were delighted to host Hambleside Danelaw on the 25th and 26th of March for a training session with our first-year and second-year Roof Slate & Tile Apprentices.

Hambleside Danelaw, who are a leading manufacturer of pitched roof products in the UK came in and delivered 2 half day sessions, giving our apprentices an extremely valuable overview of some of their products. The feedback from our Apprentices on the sessions delivered was very positive with the guys also taking home some Hambleside Danelaw goodies! Hambleside Danelaw were also kind enough to donate some of their materials and products into the centre, which the apprentices are very much looking forward to using in the coming weeks.

Support from Roofing Manufacturers is vital to ensure our apprenticeships are successful, so we’d all like to thank Hambleside Danelaw for the time and resources given over the last 2 days.