Eastern Region Roof Training Group hosted the Lighthouse construction industry charity and we were all blown away from one of the most powerful, touching hard hitting presentations I’ve ever had the privilege to attend. Guest speakers Andy Bishop and Lee Anderson, take a bow. Our apprentices and staff were absolutely floored to learn that in the UK, around 500 males per year take there own life Please take a moment to ponder on this question, if you were to ask your mate, work colleague, or employee if they are okay, and there answer is I’m fine, are they really. If your a roofing contractor, I strongly urge you to contact this charity to arrange a free talk for your team on mental health, financial support and wellbeing. Our roofing apprentices, my team and I would like to say a big thank you for an amazing morning. Absolutely outstanding .

Making welfare and wellbeing support in construction visible, in sight… on every site
We are passionate about addressing mental health in the construction industry. The Make It Visible Taskforce is part of the Lighthouse Charity who focus on the health and wellbeing of workers in the construction industry, with the aim of reducing suicide, improve the welfare of the workforce and spread awareness of the support available.

If you are struggling, help is here. No worker in construction or their family should be alone in a crisis. Within construction welfare, we shout about safety, but whisper about mental health. When life throws unexpected challenges at us, asking for help is a strength.

At Make It Visible, we have a wealth of resources available to you as well as our portal for you to access services for all your welfare and wellbeing needs. If you’re struggling emotionally, physically, or financially, we have instant access to information and a pathway to support.

Do you work in construction? This Website Portal is dedicated to everyone working in construction or allied trades to improve the welfare and wellbeing of our workforce and their families. Make It Visible is supported by the industry for the industry and we are here to help.”


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