Eastern Roof Training to Train Prisoners

Eastern Roof Training are looking forward to providing Pitched Roof Training for 16 inmates at a local prison.

After successfully applying to deliver the Roof Training, we will be commencing the training towards the end of February with 16 inmates initially receiving the training across a four week period. New training rigs have been developed to ensure the inmates are being given the most life like areas to practice on and develop their skills across the 4 week period.

The aim of the training is to provide the inmates (who are due for imminent release) with a sound understanding and the practical skills necessary so that when they leave prison, they can begin a career in the roofing industry. Although this is the first time Eastern Roof Training have delivered Training in a prison, these sorts of training courses are regularly used to rehabilitate the inmates so that when they leave, they can provide a positive contribution to society.


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