Eastern Roof Training Partner with Pretty’s Solicitors

Eastern Region Roof Training Group have recently partnered with Pretty’s Solicitors to deliver short courses in Construction Law to our members. The partnership comes as a result of Eastern Roof Training Group’s members letting them know that they felt they would benefit from training and guidance in Construction Law which can be daunting at times.

Some of the area’s training Eastern Roof Training will be offering in partnership with Petty’s Solicitors include: Payment, Loss & Expense and Collateral Warranties & Third-Party Rights, plus many more. The objective of  the training is to assist and support delegates in their real life business circumstances at the coal face of the construction industry by delivering relevant legal material in an understandable format with case studies and risk management tips along the way to make it as interactive, useful and interesting as possible. Petty’s Solicitors are an experienced, local solicitor to Eastern Roof Training, who specialise in construction law.

If you are interested in what Eastern Roof Training can offer your business when it comes to Construction Law training sessions, you can get in contact with Eastern Roof Training on 01473 744412 or via email at info@eastern.rooftraining.co.uk