5 Eastern Roof Training Apprentices Make Redland & Icopal Apprentice Of The Year Finals

We are thrilled to announce that 5 of our Roofing Apprentices have been selected to attend the Redland & Icopal Apprentice of The Year Finals being held on the 26th & 27th June 2018 at Redland’s Headquarters.

The competition is part of a strategy by Redland to address the challenges faced by the industry in meeting the ambitious Government housing targets. The sector must recruit 700,000 more people to replace those retiring or moving on, plus an extra 120,000 if the government’s aim to build one million new homes by 2020 is to be achieved.

The final takes place over two days, at the Redland National Training Centre. Finalists will receive professional coaching on all aspects of running a roofing business – including business planning, presentation skills, and technical skills – before being assessed, making this a complete learning experience.

Our finalists Slate & Tile finalists include Luke Campbell of GHB Roofing and Philip McBride of JC Jakes Roofing. Our finalists for the Flat Roofing discipline include Joseph Burgess & Bradley Garner of Waveney District Council and Nathan Dawson of Cando Roofing.

We’d like to congratulate our apprentices on what is already a fantastic achievement in being selected, and wish them the best of luck over the two days with Redland & Icopal.