2 Day Torch on Felt Roofing October 2019

Eastern Roof Training will be running another 2 Day Torch on Felt Roofing course from our training centre on the 24th and 25th October 2019.

The 2 day course, which is designed for those that are relatively new to felt roofing, or those that simply want to improve their skills has been hugely successful since we started running it around 5 years ago with contractors and operatives from around the UK attending the course and finding it extremely information and beneficial for their future works.

The course outline covers the following areas:

  • Internal/ External Dip Corners
  • Internal/ External Corners
  • Internal Outlets
  • Felting Stop-Ends
  • Felting around Pipes
  • Box Gutters
  • Roof Lights
  • Chase Skirtings
  • Flat Areas with Correct Amount of Bleed



This outline is flexible meaning if there are specific areas you feel you need that extra bit of practice on then our expert tutor will be able to accommodate this and work around you to ensure you get the most from your course.

If you have any questions on this course, or would like to book today, call us on 01473 744412!

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