You can now access your training from home via our online courses! Call 01473 744412 today for more information.


We now provide a range of E-Learning courses that can be completed online in your own work environment.

If you are unsure whether E-Learning is for you, then here are just a few of the benefits from choosing an online course.

  • Cost Effective and Saves Time

You won’t need to worry about travel costs and time away from the office. And you’ll also save money on training materials.

  • Can Complete the Course Any time, Anywhere

Many training courses are only delivered within normal working hours. Choosing E-Learning allows staff to complete the course when and where they like, even in the comfort of their own home!

  • Track Progress Easily

E-Learning makes it easy to track and prove progress. So don’t worry if something comes up, you can pause and save your progress and come back to it later.

  • It’s Discreet

It‘s perfect for those less comfortable learning in a group. This way you can learn with privacy and at your own pace.

So why not try E-Learning? See our full list of E-Learning courses to the right.

If you have any questions about our E-Learning courses or want to book a course, please call 01473 744412.

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