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Non-Licensed Asbestos Course Aim

The aim of the Non-Licensed Asbestos course is to enable individuals to legally carry out Non-Licensed and notifiable Non-Licensed work with Asbestos. Please note, to sit this course, the candidate must complete the Category A Asbestos Awareness course beforehand.

Who Should Attend The Asbestos Course?

The Non-Licensed Asbestos Course is designed for employees within the industry sector who have a direct responsibility to work with or remove Non-Licensed Asbestos materials.

Course Overview

  • What to do if You Uncover or Damage Materials that may Contain Asbestos
  • Using a Class H Vacuum
  • Wetting Asbestos Materials
  • Personal Protective Equipment when Working with Asbestos
  • Using Damp Rags to Clean Surfaces of Minor Asbestos Contamination
  • Personal Decontamination
  • Disposal of Asbestos Waste
  • Risk Assessments
  • Management & Demolition Surveys
  • Emergency Procedures
  • Legislation


½ day


£130 + VAT Per Person (Discounts apply to group bookings)

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