Single Ply Training

Special Apprenticeship Program (SAP) in Single Ply? Not heard of it before? Well its a new concept designed by SPRA for apprenticeships in non-traditional roofing occupations. How does it differ to a traditional apprenticeship? Surprisingly very little – it is an apprenticeship but delivered on-site with 25 days in the workshop /classroom.

So what does it involve?

  • 25 days workshop “hands on” training.
  • On-site assessment & training.
  • Some classroom tuition.
  • Course duration over 1 year.
  • Enrolment and achievement of a Level 2 QCF in Applied Waterproof Membranes – Single Ply.
  • Obtain a full craft Blue CSCS card.
  • Learn about preparing backgrounds, Mechanical Fixed, Fully Adhered Systems and application of products including trims and fixings.
  • Grants available subject to CSkills terms & conditions.


This apprenticeship program was created by the Single Ply Roofing Association and is endorsed by ConstructionSkills. For more information, visit SPRA’s website: